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Bridal Lashes

Weddings are a very special occasion, of course, and so it’s crucial that your lashes look amazing. Extensions can be the perfect way to make lashes look great from a distance as well as in close-up photographs (not to mention in the eyes of your adoring new husband). At Lash Out! we take special care to do bridal lashes meticulously. This means that we recommend the following timeline if you are thinking of getting lash extensions for yourself (and possibly your bridal party) for your special day:



Test Set

Eyelash extensions can take some getting used to. Although we use the best synthetic, mink and faux mink lashes, and we are experts at their application and customization, it’s important that you give them a “test run” if you’ve never gotten lash extensions before. The last thing you want is to be distracted by your own lashes on your wedding day! Therefore, we recommend that you get your first set of lashes applied about 5 weeks in advance of the wedding date. This will give you a chance to adjust to the feeling of wearing lash extensions, as well as some time to experiment with makeup options. Also, on the off chance that you are allergic to any of the products we use, it’s better to find out in advance.



A few weeks after your initial extension appointment, we’ll book you to come back in and get a touchup. This is a great opportunity for us to finesse your look, add a few more lashes, and get some feedback from you. You can tell us if you want more lashes, less lashes, longer lashes, curlier lashes, etcetera. Again, we don’t have clients report back to us with allergies very often, but on the off chance you are one of the minority who has experienced irritated eyes since your initial application, we have options for other products we can use.



Final Touches

Finally, we’ll book you to come in about 4 or 5 days before the wedding for final touches. This will give you enough time to let the new lashes “gel” and still be able to shower and apply makeup for your big day. At this point, the dedicated lash artist who you have been working with will know exactly how you want your lashes to look on your wedding day.


This may seem like a long process for what is essentially a small part of your bridal look, but remember… the eyes are the windows to your soul! And you want those windows to shine on the most important day of your life. As a result of this process, we promise, you’ll look great on your honeymoon too!


If your wedding is almost here and you haven’t allowed enough time to come 5 weeks in advance, don’t worry—we’ll still see you for your bridal lashes up until 5 days before your ceremony. However, we do strongly advise the timeline above.

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