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New to the trade and want to try out our amazing lashes or adhesive?

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We have classic and volume lashes available. 

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10 ml
Volume Glam
Lash Adhesive
Recommended for advanced Lash Artists for volume application but can be used for classic as well. Setting time is 1-3 seconds. Estimated durability is up to 5 weeks. Fume is low. Viscosity is medium. Adhesive is latex free. Recommended humidity is 45-55%, recommended temperature is 66-72 F. Recommended to shake for 30 seconds before each use. Shelf life when opened is 1-2 months, unopened is  up to 3 months. Store adhesive in a cool, dry place. 
Classic Trays $18
Volume Trays $20
Mega Vol Trays $22
Lash Trays
Lash thickness: .03, .05, .07, .15, .20
Lash lengths: 9-13mm
Curl: C, D
Rows: 16
Our mink lashes (faux) are made with the highest quality of synthetic fibers. They are black in color with NO blue or purple hue to them! Our lashes are ultra soft and easy to fan out for those volume lash lovers. It has a matte finish to them to provide a very natural look suitable for anyone. 
Our  lashes are packaged in trays with length indicator strips on each individual row for easy organization, speed and efficiency.  Each tray has 16 rows of lashes, giving you 2000+ lashes to use! 
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