Touch-ups keep your lash extensions looking full and gorgeous. This allows you to maintain your preferred look without decomposition. Your lashes are always naturally shedding, so the need for touch-ups will vary depending on your “natural eyelash cycle” and how well you take care of your lash extensions. Still, most clients ask for touch-ups every three weeks to keep their boosted lashes consistently looking “full.” If at least 50% of your extensions are still attached, you’re eligible for a touch-up with one of our lash artists.

Express Touch-Up

Did you lose just 1 -5 extensions and just can't stand it?

Application of just a few extensions.

$15 junior artist | $15 top artist | $20 senior artist

$25 master artist

     add $10 for volume

Quickie Touch-Up

Application of new extensions only. Recommended for clients wanting to supplement The Whisper set or for those who want to add a little fullness for a special.


$45 junior artist | $55 top artist | $65 senior artist

$75 master artist

     add $10 for volume

Regular Lash Touch-Up

Involves cleaning, prep, necessary removal of grown-out extensions, advanced feathering and application of new extensions. 


$65 junior artist | $75 top artist | $85 senior artist

$95 master artist

     add $25 for volume


Extended Lash Touch-Up

Like the regular Lash Touch-up, includes cleaning, prep, necessary removal of grown-out extensions, advanced feathering and application of new extensions. The Extended Touch-up is for clients who need a little extra oomph in their touch-up or want to thicken their lashes to the next level. If you missed your 3-week deadline for a touch-up, but aren’t quite ready for a full overhaul, the Extended Touch-up gives us time to do a good job on your lashes. We never rush good work.

$90 junior artist | $125 top artist | $145 senior artist

$165 master artist

     add $25 for volume


First Time Lash Touch-Up
For New Lash Out! Clients

If you’ve had your lash extensions done elsewhere, and you’re interested in coming in to Lash Out! for a touch-up, we recommend booking a consultation first so that we can properly plan for your touch-up. Other salons don’t always offer the same level of service, so we can’t guarantee that a simple touch-up will be appropriate for your existing lash extensions. If you are unable to come in for a consultation before your appointment, we’ll simply schedule you for an Extended Touch-up — this gives us an extended amount of time so we can do a good job for you.


$90 junior artist | $125 top artist | $145 senior artist

$165 master artist

add $25 for volume

Lash Removal

We are experts in “corrective work,” which involves using the proper removal solution to safely dissolve the lash adhesive so we can remove the extensions without damaging your natural lashes. Once this is done, we can start from scratch and give you the gorgeous, lush lashes you deserve. If you aren’t loving your lash extensions, give us a call! 


$50 and up

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